VeriConf ASCET

The bridge to requirements management

VeriConf is a plug-in for ASCET that maps requirements or test specifications to an ASCET model or part of it. VeriConf thus supports the integration of ASCET models into a traceable development process.

The core of VeriConf is the bi-directional linking of ASCET models with requirements and test specifications formulated in the IBM Rational DOORS requirements database

VeriConf presents itself on a tab in the Detail view of the Component Manager and the Browse view of the Component Editor. This tab displays the outline of an ASCET component in hierarchies as a tree structure. The user has the option of associating his request with the hierarchy entry containing the translation of the request. Furthermore, hyperlinks can be inserted as well as user-defined folders to structure the assigned requirements in a suitable manner.

When VeriConf includes a request in ASCET, it also generates an ASCET reference in the DOORS request that can be used to navigate the request for implementation in ASCET. This allows you to navigate in both directions, from ASCET to DOORS and back.

VeriConf can be used to monitor changes in the ASCET model or the requirements that make the links suspect. After making the necessary changes on the other side, the consistency of the connection with VeriConf can be restored.

*ASCET  is a registered trademark of ETAS GmbH, Stuttgart
*IBM Rational DOORS is a trademark of IBM Corporation, USA

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